Needs VS Wants…

Dana aka “Dava Ramsey” or “Dream Killer” (as we affectionally & consistently refer to her) is rarely one to put a want before a need BUT something miraculous has happened in the Dattola home… Sears pulled a quick one on us and offered an amazing deal on a dishwasher that was too tempting for even Dana to pass up.

We rushed over after spotting the $341 deal in the Sunday paper (which by the way has not been beat by any of the Christmas deals going on, so we still feel pretty confident about our purchase).  Only problem was we had no where to put the thing.

Since the dishwasher was already not in the budget, our goal was to get it installed at as little cost as possible.

Fortunately we had some cabinet space available next to our sink that could be used. The fun began (demo) and we made room for our new toy. I ripped (ripping is a woodworking term for cutting a piece of wood along the grain) some left over 1”x6” redwood I had left over from a fence job, scrounged up some 2”x4” pieces of plywood and some black paint. At the end of it all we spent $380.00 ($341 + tax and the adaptor) on the Dishwasher, $26.00 on plywood, $6.00 on 2”x4”s and $ 5.78 on Paint (plus the three hours of time spent on youtube figuring out how to install a dishwasher and hook up the electrical unit under the sink).

Sometimes you just gotta go for it.  We’re pretty happy with how it came out…

DSC01645 DSC01648 DSC01649 DSC01671 DSC02272 DSC02273 DSC02274 DSC02275 DSC02276


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