Barnyard Find

Merry Christmas! It’s so hard when Christmas falls midweek to rally for work the day after – there should be a national holiday rule for Christmas Week.

My grandma was over  yesterday and we got to talking about sewing.I mentioned that when we bought our house the prior owners left an old sewing machine in the basement but we had never gotten around to really checking it out.  We pulled it out and it turns out we have a real “barnyard find” (the term used by my grandma).  Check out this beautiful vintage Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine.  We plugged it in and it works great!  My grandma said this beauty is way nicer than the Pfaff machine I have now, so we’re brainstorming sewing projects to test it out soon (posts to follow).

DSC03011DSC02988 DSC02994DSC02996DSC03004DSC03007

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