Living Hanging Art.

Happy Friday here’s a weekend project for y’all

Succulents are awesome.  If you don’t like them, you’re about to start. One of my favorite landscape features is a “living wall”. Living walls are great because they can  bring  your favorite succulents or plants off the ground and somewhere much more visible like a boring wall or a focal point in your yard.
If you don’t have the budget for a 1o’ succulent feature and still want to get your favorite plants off the ground I’ve got a perfect project for you.  Here’s what you do:

1. Find yourself a shape, letter or number (I see them all the time at places like World Market or Marshalls). Make sure you look for a metal or aluminum piece.

2. Drill out some holes for drainage.

3. Be very careful


4. Inspect all your drainage holes.


5. Buy yourself some wire mesh and some wire cutters. Wire mesh?…Yes wire mesh. It will give the roots of your succulents something to hold on to when their hanging upright.

6. Lay mesh over your shape, letter, or number and cut off the excess.DSC03800 DSC03804

7. Fill shape with about 2” of potting soil.


8. Now you can insert your wire mesh.


9. Fill’er UP. (with potting soil)

10. Add some water to get your soil nice and wet. (It makes it easier to plant)


11.Steal some succulent cuttings from a friend, neighbor, or public park.

12.Start stuffing your plants in. Once all your plants are planted give them a drink and let them hang out flat for a week, this will give the roots some time to get situated in your perfectly cut wire mesh. Once the roots are established hang your new lovely piece of living art. DSC03818 DSC03820 DSC03822 DSC03823 DSC03826 DSC03832 DSC03837 DSC03838 DSC03840


  1. So love this! Too bad my last name begins with an F. I have such negative connotations towards it because of my career choice :)- but I’m going to figure out some way to incorporate this in my yard. I love succulants!

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