Barley Stir Fry with Garden Greens

I’ve been in a bit of an asian mode lately with our dinner choices (and stir fry is a go-to quick fix). We have so much chard/kale in the garden right now I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate it in different ways (Kale pancakes anyone?). We had some leftover cooked barley from the night before so I used it instead of rice which gave the dish a more hearty feel.


  • Swiss Chard (chopped)
  • Kale (chopped in thin strips)
  • Extra Firm Tofu
  • Soy Sauce
  • Frozen Green Peas (small bag)
  • Bell Pepper (2) diced
  • 3 Cloves Garlic
  • Onion (1)
  • Sesame Oil
  • Soy Sauce
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Red Chili Paste (we are obsessed with Sambal Oelek Ground Fresh Chili Paste – it’s made by Huy Fong Foods Inc., the same company that makes Sriracha & happens to be manufactured about 15 minutes from our house – look up the companies history, it’s a really cool story).

Saute Onion, bell pepper, garlic and tofu in Grape Seed Oil (I like Grape Seed because it seems to cook better at high heat and gets the tofu a bit crispier).  Once the tofu starts to brown add in the peas, kale and chard as well as some sesame oil & soy sauce – after the greens are almost cooked add in your rice/barley (the chili paste is a bit hot for the kids, so I pulled theirs out at this point and then added the chili paste to the remainder for us).  Let me know what you think!

DSC03534 DSC03538 DSC03539 DSC03545 DSC03556

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