Our New Year resolution was to take the kids camping once a month. Life gets so hectic. Getting away slows us down, makes memories, and allows us to spend quality time as a family. We already blew month one of our resolution; we’d planned a trip in January but had a sudden change of plans and instead drove to Vegas for two days to see Chris’s grandma before an emergency heart surgery (2 days of nature and relaxing on the beach in Ventura County vs. Vegas Chaos, hospital rooms & Circus Circus on a Holiday weekend…). Thankfully the surgery went well & she’s recouping quickly.

Close friends of ours invited us up to Lake San Antonio near Paso Robles to camp this past weekend. Lake San Antonio is home to the Wildflower Triathlon, which our friends are training for in May. It is a beautiful location and seems to be a year round training ground for runners/bikers/swimmers (not much swimming happening recently – the lake is REALLY low right now – this California Drought is serious!).

We had a great weekend (minus the extra 4 hours it took to get there stopping for poor Van to Puke (Road Trip + Valentines Day Candy = Sick Kid). Our friends are vegetarian, which made dinner easy; Tofu/Portobello/Veggie Kabobs with Kale Salad & Dark Chocolate Smores & stuffed bananas…yum!

Another Plus: We were able to make amends with some deer.

Any recomendations for our March Camping Trip?




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