2,500 miles in less than 2 weeks.  We’ve successfully broken in the minivan. Some highlights from our trip:
The Sacramento Delta… it had been nine years since our last visit.  You know how sometimes you visit a place from your childhood and it doesn’t quite live up to your expectations? That is NOT what happened to us- this place is magical, even better than our memories.


Mid-day barefoot sessions. Perfect conditions at noon on a weekend…. did we mention this place is amazing?DCIM100GOPRO

Not bad for a mom of three… would have been even better if she rode it away.DSC06836

Blackberry picking paddle board session.DCIM100GOPRO

Hanging with Great Friends.DCIM101GOPRO

Max’s first time behind the boat.DCIM100GOPRO

Hwy 1 Car shot… cover of “I swear I’ll never drive a minivan, but now I do and secretly love it” monthly.DSC07896

The boys tripping out at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur.DSC07880

Van the Man and the Bixby Bridge.DCIM101GOPRO

Camping in the Redwoods.DSC07795

Catch of the day.DCIM101GOPRO

Napa.  Both of our first (and only) full marathons were in Napa – one of the prettiest places in the world to run.

Van striking a pose in Carmel.DCIM101GOPRO


  1. Love the blog guys! Is there an email I can reach you at about potentially collaborating in the future?

      1. I’m a lifestyle photographer in the LA area and I’ve been so inspired by your posts. I would love to potentially photograph the family to add to my lifestyle portfolio. I’m sure LA Models would love the extra shots of Chris, especially with the whole gang. Let me know if you guys are interested. I’ve attached links to my website, blog and social networks below for your consideration.

        Hope all is well and hope to hear from you soon.

        William Callan

      2. Hey William sorry for super delayed response things have been a bit crazy for us lately. Lets set something up I think it would be fun. Thanks for reaching out!

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