Why “Uprooted Daily“? We’re extremely fortunate to have solidly rooted areas in our life; family, good friends, love for each other & most importantly faith in God. BUT there are a whole slew of distractions, commitments, projects and unanticipated events that happen to us on a daily basis, uprooting our sense of normalcy and consistency – these are the events that keeps our lives chaotic, unpredictable and interesting to share.

We are a soon to be family of 5 working, living, creating, loving, and screwing up from time to time.  Based in Southern CA and living in a “new to us” but definitely not new 1912 home which serves as the basis of most our projects.  To add to it all we have a disabled French Bulldog and a Vegan diet.

Our Family:

  • Chris: Man of many hats ranging from Male Model/Actor to General Contractor/Dreamer. He is most passionate about design and creating interesting pieces for the Home & Garden. Chris’s posts will range from the latest ad campaign he’s modeled in to his DIY know hows  (and learning curves) in landscaping and home improvement.
  • Dana: an over achieving Working Mom who is sometimes referred to as “dream killer” (by Chris) for her realistic point of view on life and her Dave Ramsey inspired Budget. Dana’s blogging will Range from her creative Vegan recipes to her organizational skills, which keep this family functional.
  • Max: 3yr old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle/Darth Vader lover who believes he runs the household.
  • Van: 1.5yr old who Mama’s Boy who currently thinks his big brother is everything and copies his every move.
  • Baby #3: GIRL! due May 25th 2014
  • Quaz: Our 6 year old French Bulldog/First Born who is recently disabled from a Spinal Nerve issue and sometimes dons a wheelchair or diaper.

At the end of the day we have a somewhat Vegan meal on the table, most of the pee from the dog cleaned up, the kids are semi washed, and we’re incredibly blessed. Enjoy our blog..   add another page.

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