Winter Crop

We are Californian’s so if you’re reading this and are from Michigan or Alaska or anywhere else where your ground is frozen, sorry. Since we are blessed with a pretty neutral year long climate we’re able to take advantage of winter gardening.

We have a very modest sized garden but it’s enough space to scrape together a meal or side dish (one day we’ll post how we built the garden beds). Here’s what we’ve got brewing in December;

– A couple of varieties of  Kale (by seed & starter), Red Beets (by seed), Winter Squash (by starter), Carrots (by seed), Swiss Chard (starter), Fennel (seed) and probably the coolest looking veggie you could eat; Brassica oleracea “Romanesco” Broccoli (look it up when you have a second).

Stay tuned for our garden progress!