DIY Stand-up DESK

Through my travels,  love for design and furniture I am constantly dreaming up new ideas to create HENCE my title “The Dreamer”.  The trick to making these ideas come to life is to fool (more…)


Living Hanging Art.

Happy Friday here’s a weekend project for y’all

Succulents are awesome.  If you don’t like them, you’re about to start. One of my favorite landscape features is a “living wall”. Living walls are great because they can  bring  your favorite succulents or plants off the ground and somewhere much more visible like a boring wall or a focal point in your yard. (more…)

Top secret tape trick

In some weird and twisted way I like to paint.  I’m attracted to the instant transformation it brings. This OCD stems from my mother, she was  the type ( if there is a type) that painted a different room of our  house once every month.  I can remember painting my room as far back as 5th grade, I really wanted all of the walls to be white with black trim…I guess not much has changed.

If only I had known this trick…